Small Business

Everything You Need to Run Your Business in One Software

There is a lot that goes into running a growing moving company.  That means you need a lot of software.  Our Small Business edition is the package of choice for the majority of our clients.  Small Business edition goes beyond MovePoint KickStart edition’s quoting and scheduling.  This easy to use moving software can run all areas of your moving business and is as simple as surfing the internet.

With a growth curve well underway and the need to do more with what you have make the MovePoint processes and data management solutions invaluable.  The increase in efficiency and workload capacity our clients see is critical for their business.  With growth being one of the leading killers of a business, becoming more efficient is a necessity.

Because MovePoint is a cloud based software, all of your data is centralized, available anywhere, and always a few clicks away from any mobile device.  No servers to manage or expensive IT departments.  We have all of that covered for you.

"...MovePoint has allowed us to free up time for our sales staff so we can focus more on bringing in new clients and closing more deals! We love it and will never switch back to any other antiquated server-based moving and storage software."
Patrick Wilkinson
MoveGreen, Inc.

Collaboration within MovePoint keeps your staff from running around the office finding answers.  No more passing around a book of scheduled jobs, or finding out availability by calling operations.  Simply load up the schedule in MovePoint and instantly see if the customers desired move date is available.  We make quality customer service simple and fast.

With over 30 years of moving experience rolled into one software, MovePoint becomes not only your customers operating system but also a valuable business partner and sounding board.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Run the core of your business from any internet enabled device
  • Increase office staff output by at least 2x for the cost of 1 move a month
  • Estimate new customers and deliver their estimate via email or printed form
  • Paperless storage of old estimates
  • Know what days are booked solid, who is working, and how much your making from one schedule interface
  • Shared office staff calendars
  • Store and retrieve employee records
  • Service revenue tracking
  • Staff efficiency reporting
  • Provide movers with a breakdown of their paychecks
  • Manage employee and sles payroll
  • Run customizable data searches and exports
  • Invoice nad manage corporate move accounts and balances
What You Get
  • Unlimited users
  • Access from anywhere
  • Support for one Corporate location
  • 24 hour ticket support
  • Customer data management
  • Quoting and estimating
  • Move availability schedule
  • Print bill of ladings
  • Sales reports
  • Employee payroll tracking
  • Sales commision reporting
  • Corporate account management
  • Advances Search and reporting
  • Accounting
  • BONUS: Employee file management
  • BONUS: Mover availability
  • BONUS: Fleet management
  • BONUS: Office Calendar

Got A Website?

MovePoint Web Quote can help make you more efficient by allowing your customers to submit a cube sheet from your website.  We will install a custom module onto your website that will send all new cube sheets into MovePoint.  We take care of everything, connecting it and making the design mesh with your website.  As a bonus we include the Email Marketer add-on which allows you to set up auto responders and emails that help you market to your quotes.

Add on Web Quote for only $85 per month

Want More MovePoint?

Add on Lead Marketer for only $65 per month

Not only can you process internet leads but you will also be able to automate email marketing to all moving customers and quotes, Free.

That’s $245 worth of software for only $65 if you add it on to your Kickstart package today!

Managing a Storage Warehouse?

MovePoint’s Storage Module brings an integrated storage solution to your company.  From your MovePoint software, employees can manage the warehouse and track where a customer’s belongings are being stored, manage storage accounts, and invoicing.  It is also set up to help you with military storage.

Add on Storage for only $100 per month.