Easy to Use If you can browse the internet, you can use MovePoint. We remove all of the clutter and confusion that is present in other moving softwares. Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface is the number one reason our clients choose us.

Organized and Detailed Data Management MovePoint provides a simple cloud based solution that keeps track of all your customers data, including uploading documents for safe storage. No more slow hunting or searching for quotes over six months old. Instead, we’ve made it easy for you to find new quotes as well as the old.

Web Quote for Leveraged Quoting When a lead is ready to contact your business, you must be ready to service them, before their spark of interest fades. Online customers prefer to provide their information to your website rather than calling. You can collect their data and have it automatically imported into your system – ready to quote. You may even set the system to quote it for you, based off of the cube sheet provided.

Access Anywhere No matter where you go, your company can be with you in your iPad or Android tablet. Access any documents, numbers, or information, even when you can’t be at your desk.

Suitable for Any Business Model MovePoint’s administrative capabilities allow you to customize everything in your system, from pricing models to bill of lading layouts.

Using the Latest Technology to Propel Your Business Cloud computing has made IT departments at small businesses obsolete. A web browser is your new office. No more need for expensive servers, backup solutions, or onsite technology experts.

Get More from your Existing Resources MovePoint leverages over 30 years of moving experience to make a fast and effective business management solution. We have helped companies that see only 3-4 quotes per person a day reach 30-40 simply by using our exact price quoting engine to generate a price over the phone and reserve in home surveys for the less typical jobs or inventories; more jobs, more money, same staff.