Lead Marketer

Automate Your Email Marketing for Internet Leads

Lead Marketer is an effective automated email marketing solution for your Internet Leads.  Moving companies have learned that Internet Lead Providers are a great source of leads with tight marketing budgets.  Doing it yourself and getting internet traffic to your website is only part of the battle.  Those visitors have to take action and provide you contact information before further marketing efforts can happen.  For instance, using Lead Marketer along with Moving.com or 123movers.com allows you to focus your efforts on sales funnels, effective email copy, and calls to action.

While there are many lead managers available, most other solutions are merely glorified email clients.  If you have outlook you can do what they provide already.  Our software strives to help you improve your conversion rates.  Using the personalized email responders, coupled with tracking open rates and online cube sheet submissions, you can get a better picture as to which emails are most effective.

"The MovePoint software has been a blessing for our company. Furthermore, the customer service has been outstanding. These guys even help us solve technology problems unrelated to their software! A+!"
Director of Marketing

As a bonus, Lead Marketer also becomes the dashboard for your internet lead activity.  It is a single dashboard for your sales staff to manage and distribute leads and track the resulting conversions and sales.  

Lead Manager is a standalone software solution to handle email marketing for their Internet Leads.  This feature may be purchased seperately or with any of our available business management solutions.  Lead Manager is included with the corporate edition for free.

Ready To Automate Your Lead Marketing?

  • Automated email responders
  • Personalize emails to customers
  • Tracking opened emails and conversions to make emails more effective
  • Improve sales conversions
  • Get leads into existing phone sales funnels
  • Pre-qualify leads with an online cube sheet
What You Get
  • Unlimited Users
  • Automated Email Marketing Solution
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Track Email Open Rates
  • BONUS: Online Office Calendar System
  • BONUS: Sales Lead Distribution
  • BONUS: Sales Lead Management Solution – Track Follow Ups
  • BONUS: Online Cube Sheet
  • BONUS: Built In Sales Conversion Reports