Resources and Software for Moving Companies

As a company providing what we believe to be the best moving company software on the market, we understand not only what moving companies need from our software, but also what they need from other products and services.

We truly want your moving company to find success, so we’ve compiled a list of resources that you can use to enhance your experience with our moving company software, including some that integrate directly with MovePoint and some that can help you outside of it.

And as always, you can always contact us or refer to our support and training pages to get more information on how to bring everything together. We hope this helps you get the most out of your moving company software!

Moving Company Software Resources

There is a lot of moving company software on the market and navigating your way to the right solution can be time-consuming. Each solution comes from a different perspective on how software should work for your business.

We believe our moving company software can benefit any business, but we also believe strongly that you should look at the other products on the market and become well-acquainted with their offerings so you can make the best decision for your business.

We’re confident that MovePoint can stand up to any other offerings after a full search, and here’s why!


Advice for Your Moving Company Software Hunt

There are a lot of individual factors related to how you run your business that will affect your choices for software. Here are some common factors to be aware of when comparing products.

1. Pricing: MovePoint is very open with our pricing because we know how frustrating hidden fees can be. When looking at a moving software company, make sure you get a good understanding of all the charges involved.

Some companies will charge you per job, per user, per software install, for data usage, and have many hidden fees. We make our pricing simple with a single monthly fee, a one-time setup and training fee, and unlimited users, jobs, and data storage that never costs you extra.

2. Moving Company Support:  MovePoint and our staff take pride in providing high-quality unlimited one-on-one support over the phone or via email with American support staff. With our moving company software being designed by experienced movers we go beyond the software and provide tips to help you grow your business. Make sure to investigate how much support is included and how detailed their support is.
3. Moving Company Technology Needs:  MovePoint handles all technology for you with our web-based software. There are no servers or complex networking needed. If you are looking for a solution that involves on-site hardware, make sure to detail any special hardware or technology needs with the moving company software as that will likely mean additional costs.
4. Moving Company Software Updates:  MovePoint handles all moving company software updates for you making it as simple as logging into your system to get access to new features and security upgrades. Other companies may require you to download and install a series of updates on each computer and may charge for those updates.
5. Moving Company Software Compatibility :  MovePoint can run on any web browser. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS you may be using. If you have a web browser, MovePoint will work. Older moving company software on the market requiring client-side installation may not work with Macs or could break if it is incompatible with newer versions of Windows.

6. Moving Company Software Scalability:  As your company grows, you will need more functionality to run your business, and that often means more moving company software to facilitate those needs. Make sure your software choice can grow with your business. MovePoint offers multiple packages to provide cost-saving options as your needs grow.

Growing Your Business With Moving Company Lead Generation

Looking for quick ways to grow your business and get more leads? Give Internet Moving Lead Aggregators a try.

Below is a list of moving lead providers that are supported by MovePoint Lead Marketer and its automated email marketing system. Many of our clients use these providers, and while our lead tracking software for moving companies can read leads from other sources, these are the ones we have tested and confirmed compatibility with.

If you know of any other sources of leads for moving companies, please contact us and let us know so we may integrate with them and add them to this list.

How to Make Online Moving Leads More Effective

Moving company leads have a bad reputation in the moving industry and many companies avoid them. The reason why is typically, “they don’t work.”

The truth of the matter is you have to approach selling to moving leads more like marketing and less like sales, in that a long-term approach is key. This is where MovePoint Lead Marketer and our business development and marketing experts come in. We help our clients understand how to make them work, and how to effectively sell to internet moving company leads.

While we have published a few online resources about Effective Lead Marketing, the individualized help and advice we provide our clients should change your mind about the effectiveness of internet-moving company leads.

If you prefer a more “hands-off” approach to moving company lead generation, and you want us to leverage our knowledgeable and talented staff, our Personalized Email Setup and Design service helps you manage your moving lead aggregator in a more automated way.

We will write, design, and create an automated email follow-up campaign to work with your MovePoint Lead Marketer Software. This saves you time and effort and reduces the amount of trial and error involved in learning to optimize your emails.

If you are ready to give leads a shot and have extra trucks and men just sitting around, give us a call at 1-866-738-3187 and we will help you put your employees back to work.

Other Helpful Resources

From web browsers to hardware stores, here are some other various resources we recommend for our moving company software clients to help make your life easier!


  • Adobe Reader — Allows you to view PDF files generated in MovePoint
  • Adobe EchoSign — Digital Document Signing of PDFs created By MovePoint
  • OpenOffice — Free Open Source Office Tools for spreadsheets
  • FireFox — Alternate Web Browser to Internet Explorer
  • Chrome — Alternate Web Browser to Internet Explorer
  • Thunderbird — Free email program

Business Information

Printing Supplies

  • Anochorside — Online supplier of pre-printed 3-part carbonless laser paper for printing Bill of Ladings
  • 96 Eddie — Great source for inexpensive quality business card printing.


  • The Media Captain — Voted Top 1% Digital Marketing Agency & Web Design Firm. Hundreds of businesses have trusted this Digital Marketing Agency as their one-stop shop for online marketing and web design.
  • e-web style — Online Company great for SEO work.
  • SEO Podcast — E-Webstyles online podcast talking about the ins and outs of SEO.
  • Google Adwords — Online PPC Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Analytics — Online Web Site metrics

Computer Hardware

  • NewEgg — Online computer store for all your computer needs.
  • Geeks — Online discount and refurbished computer parts.