Frequently Asked Questions

MovePoint is a comprehensive, web-based application that helps moving and storage companies improve customer loyalty and business efficiency.  Invented and perfected by a successful moving company, MovePoint offers a complete management system that includes Real-Time Online Quoting, Scheduling, Resource Management, Payroll, Receivables, Storage & Warehouse Tracking, and Claims Management.

MovePoint is designed to meet the management needs of small to mid-sized local and independent moving companies.

As a web-based application, MovePoint offers secure, anytime, anywhere access to business critical information.  Using a simple internet connection, select managers and associates may log in to the system and access up-to-the-second information, track sales data, and manage employees, saving your company time and money.

MovePoint is located in Columbus, Ohio, which is the state’s largest city and the 16th largest city in the United States.  Our headquarters are located at 7455 Alta View Blvd.  Columbus, OH  43085.  Contact us today.

All reports from MovePoint can be exported as PDF or Excel spreadsheets.  These files can then be imported into most third party applications.

The intuitive MovePoint interface is so easy to use that nearly anyone can set up your company information.  To simplify the entry process most companies designate on person to enter the initial input of client, job, and personnel information.  Then as new jobs and clients come in, any user may be assigned this task.

MovePoint is priced by corporate and satellite office.  There is no per-user charge.

That depends on where you live.  If you are a US resident, you do not pay any sales tax.

No.  MovePoint is a month-to-month service.  You are required to give 30 days of notice if canceling.  Otherwise a long term contract is not required but is available if you would prefer to save a little bit of money.

You own all of the data that you input.

To ensure secure data access 24/7, MovePoint uses the latest, high quality servers and backup systems, hosted in a secure Tier 4 data center.  This setup is designed to be both robust and highly scalable, accommodating increased usage without service degradation.

MovePoint does not view, analyze, share, or otherwise access any proprietary data entered by our customers.  In fact, while customers may occasionally request that MovePoint access their data to resolve a support issue, our technicians are unable to access that data without express customer permission.

The MovePoint data storage facility is kept separate from our company headquarters and uses a highly secure network to which only our technicians have access.  The facility is designed to provide the highest level of data security and structural integrity, including protection against fire, flood, earthquake, and power failures.

Your data is replicated across multiple servers in real-time to make sure it is safe from hardware failure.  On top of this, we back up our servers nightly to multiple offsite locations and retain a 90 day history, in case of data corruption or malicious user transaction recovery.  In addition, we regularly update and upgrade our security measures to prevent any unauthorized access, and encourage our customers to do the same.

If you no longer want MovePoint to store your information, we can delete your organization from our database.  Within 24 hours, all data about your company, as well as any entries you have made, will be eliminated from our active database, as well as server and tape backups.

Absolutely.  Our protocol is after requested to send a written request form, and require a valid state ID scan.  At that time we contact the principal of the company to verify their consent to the data export and produce either an SQL or excel export of your customers and data.  If more advanced exports are required to help you migrate to a new system we offer hourly rate advanced exporting services.

MovePoint is a web-based application built on Java.  Its intuitive interface is easy enough to be customized by anyone, but its inner core is built on a system that even technology experts will love and appreciate.

MovePoint does not sell leads.  We sell software to help you manage and market to your leads.  You will need to contact an internet moving lead provider and purchase leads from them.

MovePoint sets up a unique email address for your internet leads to be sent to.  This prevents issues that can arise when a person is also usin the email account as well.  We recommend that you contact your lead providers and ask them to send a copy of the email to this unique email address.  You can configure MovePoint to check your own email account if you prefer however it is not recommended.

If you go inside your copy of MovePoint software under Admin > Settings > Application > Email, you will see an email address set up under the Lead Management section.  Copy and paste that email to your lead providers.

The system offers an email creation wizard to help you create your own branded templates, along with a sample text, and  a few minimal branded templates already included in the system.  Unique and custom branded template creation for your compay is an available service but not included with Lead Marketer.