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Easy to Use

If you can browse the internet, you can use MovePoint. Access any documents, numbers, or information, even when you can’t be at your desk.

Organized & Detailed

MovePoint provides a simple cloud based solution that keeps track of all your customers data, including uploading documents for safe storage.

Any Business Model

MovePoint’s administrative capabilities allow you to customize everything in your system, from pricing models to bill of lading layouts.

Latest Technology

Cloud computing with MovePoint has made IT departments at small businesses obsolete. A web browser is your new office.

Software You Can Trust:
Built on 30+ Years of Moving Experience

We understand that moving companies face unique operational challenges depending on the size and growth of your company, which can put a damper on your business. That’s why we offer a range of software packages specifically designed to meet the needs of your movers —whether you’re a startup, small business, or corporation. From our Lead Marketer package solution for driving customer acquisitions to our Corporate package that provide advanced capabilities like store management and claims processing, we have the perfect fit to streamline your moving company.


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Lead Marketer

Lead Marketer

Automated Email Marketing and Management suite for your Online Internet Leads; make your and other online leads more efficient and more effective.


Basic Operations and Sales management suite; Quote jobs, track basic business metrics, manage your resources and move schedule.

Small Business

From Sales to Payroll and Accounting; Helps run the majority of small business tasks needed by moving companies.



Total Package; Covers all of the business needs adding in Storage, Claims, and Online Lead Marketing


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Easy to Use
Organized & Detailed Data Management
Access Anywhere


Frequently Asked Questions

MovePoint is a comprehensive, web-based application that helps moving and storage companies improve customer loyalty and business efficiency.  Invented and perfected by a successful moving company, MovePoint offers a complete management system that includes Real-Time Online Quoting, Scheduling, Resource Management, Payroll, Receivables, Storage & Warehouse Tracking, and Claims Management.

MovePoint is designed to meet the management needs of small to mid-sized local and independent moving companies.

As a web-based application, MovePoint offers secure, anytime, anywhere access to business critical information.  Using a simple internet connection, select managers and associates may log in to the system and access up-to-the-second information, track sales data, and manage employees, saving your company time and money.