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At Movepoint, we take immense pride in delivering the ultimate moving company software system, meticulously crafted to cater to businesses of all sizes. Our customizable suite of features is specifically designed to empower you in managing your existing clientele, providing exceptional customer service, acquiring new leads, and optimizing your internal operations with seamless precision.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the moving industry, staying one step ahead of the competition is imperative. That’s why we’ve developed our innovative move management software, strategically engineered to propel your moving company to new heights of efficiency and profitability, no matter how big or small your business is.

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Automated Email Marketing and Management suite for your Online Internet Leads; make your and other online leads more efficient and more effective Basic Operations and Sales management suite; Quote jobs, track basic business metrics, manage your resources and schedule moves – the minimum to run your business From Sales to payroll and accounting; Helps run the majority of small businesses tasks needed by moving companies Total Package; Covers all your business needs by adding in Storage, Claims and Online Lead Marketing.
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Kickstart: Efficient Moving Company Software for Getting Started

When launching a new moving business, you need a software solution that seamlessly combines comprehensive functionality with user-friendly simplicity to eliminate any learning curve. We understand that, as a start-up, managing basic tasks and operations to save time while optimizing cash flow is of paramount importance.

That’s why Movepoint Kickstart emerges as the perfect starting point for your moving company software journey. Designed to cater to the fundamental needs of a moving business, Kickstart offers an extensive range of features at an affordable monthly cost, making it the  ideal solution for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

With Kickstart at your disposal, you gain effortless control over essential aspects such as customer data management, precise estimating, seamless job scheduling, streamlined bill of ladings generation, and access to basic sales reports.

These core functions serve as the solid foundation upon which your moving company can thrive. And as your business grows, Movepoint empowers you to seamlessly scale up to higher levels of our software.

Small Business: Expanded Moving Company Software for Expanding Businesses

Running a thriving moving company entails juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. To effectively manage this complexity, you need a robust moving company software solution that can keep pace with your expanding operations. Look no further than Movepoint Small Business edition, the favored choice of the majority of our esteemed clientele.

Building upon the comprehensive capabilities of Movepoint Kickstart, Small Business transcends mere quoting and scheduling functionalities, transforming into the central hub for all your operations management needs. This user-friendly software effortlessly navigates every facet of your moving business, empowering you with ease and maneuverability.

As your moving company enters a trajectory of accelerated growth, the imperative to maximize your resources becomes paramount. The Small Business edition rises to the occasion, providing indispensable solutions for process optimization and data management.

By consolidating essential functions such as sales management, payroll processing, accounting, and scheduling within a single, intuitive interface, Movepoint becomes the catalyst for enhancing your overall operational efficiency and success.

One of the standout advantages of our software lies in its cloud-based infrastructure. By centralizing all your data and making it accessible from any device with just a few clicks, we eliminate the need for cumbersome server management and IT departments.

Corporate: Moving Company Software to Maximize Growth and Profitability

Experience the pinnacle of our moving software capabilities with Movepoint Corporate Edition, where every feature and add-on of our cutting-edge moving company software is seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive package. From quote scheduling to payroll management and moving lead generation, our Corporate Edition empowers your business with unrivaled functionality.

While the Corporate Edition of our moving software encompasses a multitude of powerful features, rest assured that its ease of use and intuitive nature remain uncompromised. Just like surfing the web, if you can operate a web browser, you possess the requisite skills to navigate and harness the full potential of Movepoint Corporate.

Discover a world of  possibilities with Movepoint Corporate, enabling you to:

  • Generate new revenue streams such as internet leads and storage.
  • Enhance customer engagement through web quotes and email marketing.
  • Assess customer satisfaction with customer ratings.
  • Optimize your company’s efficiency with analytics.

As your business experiences a leveling growth curve, our Corporate Edition moving company software becomes an invaluable asset, enabling you to continuously discover new revenue streams while seamlessly maintaining the functionalities you enjoyed in our Kickstart and Small Business editions.

Lead Marketer: Generate Leads for Moving Companies

In the quest to generate moving leads within tight marketing budgets, internet lead providers and aggregators offer an excellent solution. However, simply driving traffic to your website is just the first step. Converting those visitors into engaged prospects requires effective strategies and tools.

Introducing Lead Marketer, an indispensable automated email marketing solution and leads management tool designed specifically for moving companies. When combined with reputable platforms like or, Lead Marketer empowers you to streamline your efforts towards optimizing sales funnels, crafting compelling email copy, and driving effective calls to action.

Lead Marketer leverages personalized email responders, enabling you to enhance conversion rates. Moreover, it provides invaluable insights through open rate tracking and online cube sheet submission analysis. This data-rich approach allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of which emails are most effective, enabling you to refine and improve your marketing strategies with precision.

We understand that every moving company has unique needs and varying service packages. That’s why Lead Marketer can be seamlessly added to both the Kickstart and Small Business editions, allowing you to tailor your moving software suite precisely to your requirements.

Software Add-ons & Services

Add-On Setup Monthly
Lead Marketer $50 $65
Web Quote $385 $85
Storage $75 $100
Techmate Connect $200 $25

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