Moving Company Software for Any Size Business

Movepoint is proud to provide the best moving company software for any size moving company, with a customizable suite of features designed to help you manage existing clients, find new ones, and streamline your internal processes.

To help you find the best moving business solutions for your place in the market, here is a quick guide for what you can expect from each of our offerings.

Lead Marketer Economy Small Business Corporate

Lead Marketer


Small Business


Automated Email Marketing and Management suite for your Online Internet Leads; make your and other online leads more efficient and more effective Basic Operations and Sales management suite; Quote jobs, track basic business metrics, manage your resources and schedule moves – the minimum to run your business From Sales to payroll and accounting; Helps run the majority of small businesses tasks needed by moving companies Total Package; Covers all your business needs by adding in Storage, Claims and Online Lead Marketing.
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Kickstart – Efficient Moving Company Software for Getting Started

A brand-new start-up moving business software should be full-featured but uncomplicated. It should allow you to perform basic tasks and operations management. But as every start-up business knows, cash flow is extremely important.

With that in mind, MovePoint Kickstart is a great starting point for your moving company software and handles the most basic tasks of a moving company at the lowest monthly cost.

Kickstart helps with managing your customer’s data, estimating, scheduling jobs, printing bill of ladings, and includes basic sales reports. For a young moving company, these functions are the foundation of your business, and as you grow, you can expand to higher levels of MovePoint that offer more functionality as you need it.

While the robust features and web-based nature of our moving company software attract many clients, users of MovePoint quickly learn that not only are they getting the functionality they need but also an easy-to-use interface packed full of best practices accumulated over 30 years of experience. It’s like stealing a book of industry secrets, except you don’t have to plan a heist.

Small Business – Expanded Moving Company Software for Expanding Businesses

There is a lot that goes into running a growing moving company, and you need a robust piece of moving company software to help you keep up with it all. That’s why our Small Business edition of MovePoint is the package of choice for the majority of our clients.

Small Business includes all the capabilities of MovePoint KickStart edition but goes well beyond its quoting and scheduling capabilities to truly become the central point of operations management for your moving company. This easy-to-use moving software can run all areas of your moving business and is as simple to use as surfing the internet.

With a growth curve well underway, moving companies need to do more with what they have. The need for increased efficiency makes MovePoint’s processes and data management solutions invaluable. With a single, easy-to-use hub for managing sales, payroll, accounting, scheduling, and more, MovePoint Small Business is built specifically to improve your efficiency as a business.

The increase in productivity and workload capacity our clients see is critical for their businesses to thrive. With growth being one of the leading killers of a business, becoming more efficient is a necessity.

Because MovePoint is cloud-based moving company software, all of your data is centralized, available anywhere, and always a few clicks away from any device you want to use. No servers to manage or expensive IT departments. We have all of that covered for you.

Corporate – Moving Company Software to Maximize Growth and Profitability

MovePoint Corporate Edition gives you the maximum power MovePoint has to offer your business.

Every feature and add-on we have available in our moving company software is wrapped up into one package, giving you capabilities ranging from quote scheduling to payroll management to moving lead generation. But just because the Corporate edition is full-featured, that doesn’t mean it’s complicated to use and learn! If you have a web browser and can surf the web, then you know how to use MovePoint.

MovePoint Corporate Edition allows you to:

  • Generate new sources of revenue such as Internet Leads and Storage.
  • Create better engagement with your customers through Web Quoting and Email Marketing.
  • Understand how well you served your customers with Customer Ratings
  • Get more insights into how to make your movers and staff more efficient with Analytics.

New revenue streams are important when your growth curve starts to level out. MovePoint Corporate helps you continue to find new revenue streams via moving company lead generation and storage solutions while continuing to keep your business running smoothly with the same capabilities you enjoyed in our Kickstart and Small Business editions.

Lead Marketer – Generate Leads for Moving Companies

Lead Marketer is an effective automated email marketing solution for moving company lead generation.

Internet lead providers and lead aggregators are a great answer for how to generate moving leads with tight marketing budgets. But getting internet traffic to your website is only part of the battle. Those visitors have to take action and engage with the site before further marketing efforts can happen.

Using Lead Marketer along with or allows you to focus your efforts on sales funnels, effective email copy, and calls to action.

Many other moving company lead generation solutions are merely glorified email clients that don’t provide any additional benefits. Our software strives to help you improve your conversion rates using personalized email responders coupled with tracking open rates and online cube sheet submissions.

These tools help you to get a better picture as to which emails are most effective so you can adjust and improve your approach, and they can be added separately to the Kickstart and Small Business service packages.

Software Add-ons & Services

Add-On Setup Monthly
Lead Marketer $50 $65
Web Quote $385 $85
Storage $75 $100
Techmate Connect $200 $25

Services Setup Monthly
Custom Development
(Estimates, Invoices, and Software Components)
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