December 2022 – Software Update – Build v1.7.12

Here is a quick overview of changes for this latest release

  • Email outbound – Options for Google Workspace
    • We have made significant fixes to how outgoing emails are handled with MovePoint.  If you’re a Google Workspace user or experiencing email spam issues, please visit our Email Support Article: {link to support article}
  • Startup Wizard
    • Re-configured wizard to guide new clients through minimum, mandatory settings to get started with MovePoint.
  • Bulk Inventory
    • Added a feature that allows Admin users to increase or decrease the price of inventory items in bulk by a set percentage.  The history of bulk inventory price changes are tracked and recorded on this page.
      • Found under Admin: Settings: Pricing: Inventory
  • Optional Required Fields
    • Added a new setting that allows an Admin to adjust which fields are required in the quoting process on Quote Step 1.
      • Found under Admin: Settings: Application: Quote
  • Roll Call Report
    • New report created that displays assigned roll call statuses and totals for all employees within a date range.  Report can also be displayed as an Excel file.
      • Found under HR: Roll Call Report
  • Last Day Worked
    • This field has been added to an employee’s HR profile page.  This displays the latest day that an employee has hours worked attributed to them in MovePoint.  A useful reference particularly with terminated employees where last day worked and termination day may not be the same day.
  • Mile Load Chart / Tariff
    • Updated calculation process for mile load chart calculations to allow pass through in scenarios where calculated weight or mileage of a quote falls outside of the chart parameters provided.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that was occasionally not saving the changes when user permissions were added and subtracted from the user at the same time.
    • MovePoint now correctly recognizes zip code 92211 for Palm Springs, CA.
    • System no longer allows for an existing employee ID number to be used when creating a new employee profile.

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